Social-Ecological Mitigation - An Integrated Approach to Biodiversity Management


Recognizing that the impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems services cannot always be entirely avoided or remedied for large industrial and infrastructure projects, mitigation and offsets are an important aspects of a project design and environmental-social impact assessment (ESIA).  This is particularly the case for the mining and oil & gas industries with potential impacts (e.g. landscape, vegetation, ecosystems services, etc.) extending well beyond the lifecycle of the project.

Informed by guidance provided by the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme (BBOP), Golder has developed a method for evaluating offset options using GoldSET. A wide variety of environments have been considered in developing the indicators, including rainforest and marine ecosystems, so that the framework can be adapted to specific mitigation and offset measures targeting aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems, for both fauna and flora.

GoldSET Social-Ecological Mitigation is providing a pragmatic, robust and transparent approach to managing biodiversity and ecosystem services based on the mitigation hierarchy – avoid, minimize, restore and offset.  Our integrated approach means that economic considerations and social acceptability are considered as part of the mitigation or offset design.