Spatial Analysis - Corridor Planning and Site Selection


By integrating a spatial component into a rigorous multi-criteria analysis (MCA)  which utilises qualitative and quantitative indicators from technical, environmental, economic and social dimensions,  GoldSET-Spatial provides an effective process for  quickly identifying the most sustainable corridor for linear projects  and selecting the best sites for plants and installations. In addition , GoldSET-Spatial allows for a comprehensive evaluation and comparison of  project alternatives.

Mapping the wider environmental costs in terms of geophysical and technical, ecological and sociocultural features can lead to the identification and the evaluation of key technical and non-technical factors impacting on a project. These factors can in turn shape the development and optimization of options in a space of conflicting priorities – ultimately enhancing the ability to take the right decision, to advance sustainable development and to communicate it better.

By leveraging our global network of multidisciplinary professionals, we can deploy practical, cost effective approaches to support our clients with their projects.