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Since the deployment and the large scale application of the Site Remediation module, GoldSET has quickly evolved into a reliable tool that is proving value in a variety of sectors, such as Mining, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Transportation, Waste and Water Management, Land and Brownfield Development...

Site Remediation

The GoldSET Site Remediation module allows for the comparison of remedial options in ways that result in sustainable revitalization design, construction, and operation. This framework provides added value by integrating sustainability into decision-making, to support existing ecosystems, benefit communities and the environment.

Mining - Tailings Management

The mining industry is faced with increasing challenges to improve waste management practices. The GoldSET Mine modules for Technology and Site Selection provide a comprehensive multicriteria framework based on authoritative references and robust expertise developed by Golder globally. It can be used to support the evaluation of options for managing mining wastes and tailings, from design to closure, in a practical, rigorous and transparent fashion.

Road Pavement

The GoldSET Road Pavement module provides a clear vision of road issues associated with durability, the reuse of materials, road safety, workers' health, local job creation and overall ride quality across the road cycle. This intuitive framework deploys best practices and allows optimization of operations while minimizing on environmental footprint and reduced life cycle costs.


Wastewater Treatment

The GoldSET Wastewater Treatment module offers a structured approach for optimizing the planning, implementation, and operations of all components related of the water cycle including water lifecycle cost, regulatory risks, energy and greenhouse gas emissions, reuse opportunities, and social acceptability.

Social-Ecological Mitigation

Biodiversity and ecosystem services - Mitigation and offset compensation is fast becoming an important aspect of project sustainability, increasingly required by regulation or advocated in voluntary agreements internationally. The GoldSET Social-Ecological Mitigation module enhances the ability to design and evaluate mitigation and offsets measures through a cost-effective, transparent and objective process.


Spatial Analysis - Corridor Planning and Site Selection

GoldSET-Spatial is a flexible, cost effective and integrated approach to support routing and sitting option identification and analysis by combining spatial data (GIS) with the multicriteria framework provided by GoldSET. In so doing GoldSET-Spatial aids in the assessment of  alternatives and in communicating the impact of various options with stakeholders.

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